La Lupa Di Roma Lodge

MARIA MINENNA, PRESIDENTSons of Italy La Lupa Di Roma Lodge is open to women over the age of 18 years of age, who are of Italian descent or who are married to a man of Italian descent.   As a member you are a sister to a group of women who not only share the same culture, but also share a passion for helping others in our community.

Maria Minenna (pictured), President, La Lupa Di Roma, proudly says, "We are a group of women who work hard and are making a difference in Winnipeg."

Charity Work

Sons of Italy La Lupa Di Roma Lodge each year serves the community through various charitable contributions.  The Order raises money for charities and provides assistance to those in need.

Over the years we have donated to various charitable organizations such as:
  • Koats for Kids
  • Winnipeg Harvest
  • Children’s Hospital Research Foundation
  • Children’s Rehabilitation Centre
  • Camp Quality
  • Rossbrook House


La Lupa Di Roma grants a $500 scholarship annually to students entering post-secondary education   To apply to La Lupa Di Roma scholarship the applicant must have at least one parent/grandparent of Italian origin and  be a full time student enrolled in either first, second or third year at a post secondary institution.

For more info please email


We hold monthly meetings from September to June and membership dues are $30, which are paid yearly in January.   As a member, you will attend meetings, get involved in our yearly Halloween party for kids and International Women’s Day luncheon and sit on our executive or on one of our many committees.  

If you wish to become a member of the La Lupa Di Roma Lodge, please send us an email.

Donna dell’Anno Award

The 11th Annual Donna dell’Anno Award, to a woman of distinction in the Italian community, will be presented during the International Women’s Day Celebration luncheon on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at Centro Caboto Centre. 

Picture galleries from past award luncheons:

2013/2014 Executive

 President  Maria Minenna                                        
 Past President  Tonina Fiorentino  
 Vice President  Luisa Matos  
 Orator  Marisa Zirino  
 Treasurer  Gena Pallone  
 Secretary  Julie Petrelli  
 Trustees  Gail Bueti  
   Rena Molinari  

Mailing Address

La Lupa Di Roma Lodge

Centro Caboto c/o Sons of Italy 1055 Wilkes Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 0W4

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