Dante Christmas Party

Dante Alighieri Christmas Party - 2011

The Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge merrily returned with Santa and the elves leading the way and the Befana close at their heals!
The Dante Alighieri had their annual Christmas event at the Centro Caboto on December 17th.  Joe Leuzzi, the new president of the Dante Alighieri, inaugurated the morning with his festive seasons remarks.  The children were bouncing in their chairs, eager to see what surprises would await them!   This year the Befana was truly here and the mix of Santa and her greetings was a sight to behold. 

One after one the children lined up with twitching feet ready to bounce up on top of Santa’s lap and open their gifts, donated by Sons of Italy.  The jovial elves Lou Caci and Tat-Liang Cheam dressed in festive red and green outfits were assisted by their new-found play elf Cosmo Racano.  Cosmo gleefully offered a wide variety of gifts to all the children. 

Tony Cesario had the perfect snowy white crumply beard and mustache with his red Santa outfit and a gregarious HO HO  HO!  Cosmo Racano was as always the silent Santa who picked up all the gifts for the grateful kids with a splendid assortment of treats to tantalize all.  John Giavedoni of our lodge snapped the fun-filled photos of all in attendance.
We look forward to the Return of Santa and the elves to sparkle another Christmas ahead!

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