Leonardo Da Vinci Youth Lodge

The Leonardo Da Vinci Youth Lodge was formed in 2005 to give the Italian youth of Winnipeg an opportunity to be part of the Son’s of Italy of Winnipeg family of lodges.

The goal of this youth group is to follow the goals and objectives of our adult lodges and to be involved with the Italian community. The youth lodge has had some fundraising events which allows us to help which different causes, such events were the Topo Gigio Dinner fundraiser, cookie tin fundraiser, and the fundraising breakfast just to mention a few. 

We also are involved with events that the Garibaldi and Lupa di Roma adult lodges have had such as the Annual Lupa di Roma Halloween Party, and the Sons of Italy Annual Christmas Eve Feast

We are now focusing on a membership recruiting drive.  We are looking for individuals that are of Italian decent and are between the ages of 13 to 18 years of age.  The youth lodge is the stepping stone of becoming part of the Sons of Italy lodges of Winnipeg.  The larger our youth lodge can become the more we can do for our community and abroad. 

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