Vince Bova Memorial Award

Vince BovaIn 1997, one of our beloved brothers, Vince Bova, passed away after a long battle with cancer. To know Vince was to know a man who exemplified the spirit of Sons of Italy. He was committed to the club in a manner that was beyond compare.

He could always be found at social functions, volunteering his time and energy. He was a man who never asked for any credit, but he was always willing to lend a hand and share a smile.

In Vince's memory, we now present this annual award to a member who works diligently behind the scenes as a dedicated participant in the Sons of Italy. 

Previous winners of this award meet in secret to chose the annual winner.  The name of the winner is not known to lodge members or executive prior to the announcement, so it is always a true surprise to the year's winner.

2016 Award Winner

At the 30th Annual Sons of Italy Gala in March 2016, the highly coveted Vince Bova Memorial Award was presented to Lou Caci.  

Lou has been an active member including two years as President of the Garibaldi Lodge.

Lou Caci (centre) was the recipient of the Vince Bova Award at the 30th Annual Sons of Italy Gala on March 12, 2016. 
The award is presented by (left) 
Franco Petrelli (President, Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge) and Joseph Monachino 
(President, National Order Sons of Italy).

Past Award Winners

2015  -  Justin Bova (pic
2014  -  John Giavedoni (pic)

2013  -  Salvatore Infantino (pic)

2012  -  Cosmo Racano
2011  -  Robert Scaletta (pic)
2010  -  Reno Augellone (pic)
2009  -  Joe Bova
2008  -  Rocco Bueti
2007  -  Joe Leuzzi
2006  -  Vince Bueti
2005  -  Tony Cesario
2004  -  George Sotiriadis
2003  -  Armando Nasuti
2002  -  Ted Nocita
2001  -  Lino Rutigliano
2000  -  Randy Hapin
1999  -  Pat Potenza & Rocco Macchia
1998  -  Terry Ferraro & Reno Molinari
1997  -  Peter Mignaccia

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