Order Sons and Daughters of Italy

The Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of Canada is an organization of men and women who are devoted to the celebration of Italian heritage, community service and charitable good works.  The first lodge in Canada was established in Ontario in 1915. Currently, there are fifteen Lodges in Canada. 

In the USA, Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America has more than 600,000 members and supporters and a network of more than 650 chapters coast to coast, making it the leading service and advocacy organization for their estimated 26 million people of Italian descent

In Manitoba, the Garibaldi Lodge is growing, and making a difference in our community.

Garibaldi Lodge (Winnipeg)

The Garibaldi Lodge was the first lodge of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of Canada to be founded in Manitoba. 

Our largest event is our annual Gala dinner which has become the premier Winnipeg gala of the year, with sell-out crowds enjoying a wonderful dinner, and much fanfare.  This is our major fundraiser, providing funds not only for a very large donation that night to a charity, but it also provides funds for our donations and support to other groups throughout the year.

We Support the Community

We give not only to the community in general, but we also support a range of Italian groups, including the Sons and Daughters of Italy Splendore D'Italia Dance Group, who teach and perform traditional Italian dances, and the Dante Alighieri Cultural Society  who provides Italian language lessons for children and adults.  Through our scholarship programs we provide financial assistance to students of Italian heritage.  Annually we sponsor various awards that recognize Canadians of Italian descent who have done well in a professional or entrepreneurial capacity. 

Of course, there are many other activities, such as our annual Christmas Eve Feast to help those less fortunate at Christmas time, we have provided and served the dinner at the Rossbrook House graduation ceremony/dinner and members take part in the annual Challenge for Life walk where we have raised about $100,000 in the past few years.


To become a member of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, an individual must be of Italian descent or married to a person of Italian descent.  All such individuals of good character, regardless of faith, are potential candidates for this non-sectarian Order.  If you are interested, you can read more about membership or email us for more info.


Canadians of Italian Heritage working to strengthen and serve our community

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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