SOI Student Awards & Scholarships

Enabling youth to gain a good education is a primary mission of Sons of Italy so it is no surprise that we are involved in a few youth award programs through our lodge, our sister lodge, the University of Manitoba and our national lodge. 

SOI Garibaldi Lodge - Legacy Awards

We have have three Legacy Awards, presented annually. The criteria for the awards include academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, involvement in the Italian and wider community, and need.  

SOI Legacy Award - Entering University or College: $2,000

     The Lodge annually awards $2,000 to a student of Italian origin entering post-secondary education at a recognized institution

SOI Legacy Award -  Attending University or College: $2,000

     The Lodge annually awards $2,000 to a student of Italian origin attending post-secondary education at a recognized institution

SOI Trade Award - Entering a Trade at College: $1,000

     Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge gives a $1,000 award to a deserving student entering one of the trade programs at a post-secondary college.  

Detailed information, criteria, deadlines and the application forms can be found on our Legacy Awards page.

La Lupa Di Roma Lodge Award: $1,000

Our former sister lodge, Lupa de Roma used to grant an award annually to students entering post-secondary education or graduate studies. Details of past winners can be found here.

U of M Scholarship - 3rd Year of Italian Studies

Our U of M Scholarship is awarded in conjunction with the University of Manitoba, and it is presented to a student entering third year in the Italian Minor program. The award amount varies slightly, but is approximately $600, and the criteria are scholastic achievement and having participated in the first two years of the program. The scholarship is funded jointly between the University and the Lodge, and was awarded for the first time in 2003.

The Order Sons of Italy of Canada - Josephine Lavey Award: $1,000

This $1,000 award is given annually and is available to a child of a member of the Order Sons of Italy of Canada.  Thus a son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, step-children and step-grandchildren of a member of our Garibaldi Lodge would qualify.


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