New at St. Boniface Hospital:
Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge Laboratory!

In response to the $100,000 donation by Sons of Italy to the Canadian Italian Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the 2013 Sons of Italy Gala, the St-Boniface Hospital announced it was naming the lab the "Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge Laboratory."

A plaque bearing the lab's new name was unveiled by the St-Boniface Hospital Foundation at a beautiful reception at their Research building on September 19th.

The reception was to thank all our Sons of Italy brothers who worked very hard in making our Gala a success.  Shona Connelly and Brigitte Kemp-Chaput  from the Foundation along with all the CITEL representatives graciously received our brothers with enthusiasm.  They were really a breath of fresh air to work with and supported our hard efforts in many ways.

The evening’s event included delicious Italian antipasto and insalata with grilled shrimp, beef and chicken skewers.  The accompanying red and white wines capped off the gourmet food with a classy touch.

Carmine Miltano introduced the CITEL initiative and introduced the CEO, Chuck LaFleche who thanked the Sons of Italy for the large gift of $100,000.  Dr. Michel Tetreault, the CEO of St. Boniface Hospital spoke passionately about the life changing impact CITEL can have for all people, all around the world. Next up was Dr. Grant Pierce, Executive Director of Research, who again thanked the Sons for their significant contribution. The thank you’s did not stop with Dr. Singal and Dr. Dhangra giving further details on CITEL and how much they appreciated the Sons help in making the lab possible.

Our president, Tat-Liang Fabio Cheam spoke enthusiastically about how our Garibaldi lodge appreciated St-Boniface really stepping up to help make our Gala a success. St-Boniface were true partners and walked side by side with us to raise the $100,000. All our brothers were acknowledged for their heart felt contributions to show Winnipegers what we can do. We have grown from initially helping Italian Canadians, to broad based charities, to now something that can help all people all around the world!

Photos were taken with the grand unveiling of the large plaque that will soon grace the CITEL lab on the 3rd floor. And yes, the real $100,000 cheque was formally handed over to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.

The evening was really an elegant event that left a smile on all our faces that night.

Carmine Militano introducing CITEL

Dr. Singal talks about some of the research underway.

Tat-Liang Fabio Cheam congratulates CITEL

The $100,000 cheque is passed to Chuck LaFléche, Foundation CEO

Plaque for the new Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge Laboratory is unveiled. L-R: Dr. Grant Pierce, unknown, Dr. Singal, Dr. Michel Tétreault, Chuck LaFléche, Tat-Liang Fabio Cheam

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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