Past Presidents

These members have shown their leadership not only by being President of the Garibaldi Lodge, but by their numerous other positions held both before and after their term as President.  In addition, they have served their community through other organizations and by setting an example in everyday life for others to follow.

We thank and congratulate our Past Presidents.

Years Served

Archive Photo


2017, 2018  Tom De Nardi 
2015, 2016  Franco Petrelli 
2013, 2014
 Tat-Liang Fabio Cheam
2011, 2012
  Justin Bova
 2009, 2010
 Luigi Caci
 2007, 2008    Cosmo Racano
 2005, 2006
 Robert Scaletta
 2003, 2004
 Reno Molinari
 2001, 2002  Reno Augellone
1999, 2000    Joe Leuzzi
 1997, 1998    Tony Cesario
 1995, 1996
 Joe Bova
 1994    Carmine Militano
 1992, 1993
 Joe Paletta
 1990, 1991    Frank Aquila
 1988, 1989
 Vince Bueti
 1987    Phil DelBigio (deceased)
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