Sons and Daughters of Italy
Splendore d'Italia Folk Dancers

Under the tutelage and guidance of dance teacher Katya Ferguson, the Sons and Daughters of Italy Splendore D’Italia Folk Dancers continues its strong tradition of providing dance lessons which encompass traditional folk dances from all regions of Italy. 

The Splendore have been invited to perform at a number of multi-cultural festivals all over the city for a variety of charitable events including:

  • Folklorama, Italian Pavilion
  • Seine River Retirement Residence
  • Centro Caboto Fusion Festival
  • Mona Lisa Ristorante Wine Festival: Stomping to Raise Money for Canadian Human Rights Museum
  • Multi-cultural evening at Garden Valley High School
  • Holy Spirit Feast Committee - Immaculate Conception Parish
  • West  End Business Improvement Zone

The group has also made a name for its altruistic approach toward volunteering in the community at large and continues to be invited to take part in community events which help support numerous good causes.

Dance lessons occur at the Centro Caboto on a weekly basis. 

For more information about the group please contact Lia Baksina (President) at 204-255-4822.

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