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The Challenge for Life is a 20k Walk that takes participants through some of Winnipeg's most beautiful and historic neighborhoods. The walk was created by the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to help Manitobans reduce their risk of cancer and increase awareness for ALL cancers, while raising significant funds to support CancerCare Manitoba's work.

The Sons of Italy support each other as a fraternity and also support the greater community. We are a philanthropic organization. Everything is about giving back.  

In 2018, nearly 800 Challengers laced up and raised an incredible $1.125 million for the fight against cancer!  We are proud to be part of this movement.

2021 Year 9

We are so proud of the hard work of our Challenge for life 2022 Team for the Cancer Care walk that took place on August 10th at Birds Hill Provincial Park. Leadership comes from all walks of life and when we work together its amazing what we can accomplish. This year we have set a goal of $10,000 and thank you to all the brothers and sisters we have achieved just over 100% of our goal. More importantly because of their efforts all money raised goes to help out fellow Manitobans who have been touched with this senseless disease.

I would like to thank the follow brother and sisters for donating their time:

Alex Baksina, James Blatta, Tat-Liang Cheam (past president), Mike Conia, Angelo DiPietro, Agostino Fiorentino, Ron Iannoe, Giovanni Montebruno, Lisa Montebruno, Sonya Murano, Mario Posillipo (president), Grazia Rutigliano, Mark Scaletta, Reno Augellone (past president).

After our walk we all gathered at the Montebruno’s place for some wonderful food by Sorrento’s at the Caboto Centre. Thank you to the Montebruno’s for opening up their home to us. As well, we also like to thank Sal Infantino at Xcue’s for donating the espresso coffee. I know many of us needed the coffee for the extra jolt to complete our walk! 😊

Finally, thank you to all the donors and supporters to make our Team a great success.  The Sons and Daughters of Italy are privileged to serve our fellow Manitobans.

Lou Caci
Capitan of the Team
(SDOI Past President)

2019 - Year 8


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Please Help Us Fight Cancer

It's too late to join our team for this year, but not too late to donate!  You can donate on our SOI team page: click here.

2016 - Year 7

This year Team Sons of Italy had beautiful weather for the walk -- a bit chilly, but better than hot and no rain!  On Saturday June 11th, our dozen walkers covered the distance and raised over $19,000 putting us at almost $300,000 raised over the 7 years of participation.

The tradition of espresso delivery at the half way point, Memorial Park, was carried on this year by Angelo Costantini.  Angelo usually walks, and walks the course so quickly, he is always long gone by the time the rest of the pack get to Memorial Park.  Apparently, other than slowing down, the only way to get into the group picture was to be in charge of the espresso -- glad to have you in the pics this year Angelo -- but looking forward to having you back in the walk next year!

It's too late to join the team, but not too late to donate!  Just go to Team Sons of Italy's page and donate to CancerCare Manitoba.

For more pictures, click here to view the 2016 photo gallery.

2015 - Year 6

2015 marks the sixth year for the Sons of Italy’s participation in the CancerCare Manitoba’s Challenge for Life 20K Walk.  This year 17 individuals took on the challenge; with heavy hitters Tat-Liang Fabio Cheam (past president) and Danny Di Vito (rookie walker) leading the pack for donations.

On June 13th, walkers dragged their feet across the sidewalk for twenty kilometres to raise money in support of CancerCare Manitoba.  Brothers and sisters shared stories, bonded and got to know one another over the course of the walk.  

At the halfway point they were greeted with hot and iced espresso, cookies and snacks brought in by our support van direct from X-Cues Café and run by Franco Petrelli. 

With a goal of only $18,500, the team exceeded expectations and raised a total of $33,310. This put the team in 6th place amongst the corporate teams.  Altogether this means that the Sons of Italy have contributed $273,000 towards CancerCare Manitoba in past six years. 

After another successful year under their belt, the team would like to thank all of their supporters who made this possible.  Money was raised by friends, family and of course the “Mi Scappa La Pi- Pi- Pi” (Peroni, Patata & Porchetta) fundraising event.  We look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces at the Challenge for Life 20k Walk in 2016.

For more pictures, click here to view the 2015 photo gallery.

2014 - Year 5 - $240,000 Donated to CancerCare

Sons of Italy Challenge for Life team raises $31,000 in their 2014 walk.  This raises our five year walk total to $165,000.  Combined with our donation to CancerCare MB from the 2014 Gala, we have given $240,000 in just five years.

Our fifth year of participation, on June 7th 22 walkers on the Sons of Italy team hit the pavement and walked the 20km route in support of CancerCare Manitoba.  But the work started long before the day of the walk.

Team members raised donations from family and friends, and the team held a fundraising event, “Mi Scappa La Pi- Pi- Pi (Peroni, Patata & Porchetta)”, or our version of a Bud, Spud and Steak.  The dinner and cake auction raised $3,500 for the team who also received support from the Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge.

In his last year as team Captain, Joe Leuzzi also had the honour of being a Challenge for Life Ambassador and said “I am so honoured to be a representative of CancerCare MB at this event, and proud of how our team has again worked hard for this worthwhile cause.”

In true Italian fashion, Sons of Italy turns the half way break at Memorial Park into an espresso break with hot and iced espresso, cookies and snacks brought in by our support van direct from X-Cues Cafe.  Franco Petrelli, who organizes the break, says “its the fuel they need for the final 10km.”

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2013 - A Strong Team for Year 4

We again put together a strong team to participate in the CancerCare Manitoba Challenge for Life.  In our first three years, we have donated $100,000 to the cause, and we worked hard to add significantly to that total this year.

Check out the story about the SOI Challenge for Life team in the Metro paper.

We are happy to report that we exceeded our 2013 goal, and raised over $36,700.  This increases our four year tally to $136,000!

Congratulations to all who participated.  Click here to view a gallery of 2013 SOI pictures from the walk.

2012 - SOI's 3rd Year

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The 17 members of the 2012 Sons of Italy Challenge for Life team have once again shown their commitment to helping CancerCare Manitoba by raising $31,305 and supporting all those who have been or will be touched by cancer.The 2012 Team:   Joe Leuzzi (Captain), Elizabeth Leuzzi, Cam Giavedoni, Christine Molinari, Lino Rutigliano, Justin Bova, Tat-Liang Cheam, Angelo Costantini, Agostino Fiorentino, Travis Giavedoni, Lou Caci, Carmine Scarpino, George A. Sotiriadis, Paul Bueti, Pat Potenza, Beradino Petrelli, Tom DeNardi and Nikki Chenier-Leiter.

The pace-car and pit stop crew: Franco Petrelli and Armando Nasuti supplied some high octane espresso to the team at the halfway mark, Memorial Park.  Spoiler Alert:  Espresso is the 'secret sauce' that allows our team members to finish the walk.  Thanks to X-Cues for donating the espresso!

A big thank you to all those who raised funds, donated, and participated in the fundraising events – your support has ensured the third annual Sons of Italy Challenge for Life team was a success!  

We are proud to say that in our three years, we have donated over $98,000 to CancerCare Manitoba! 

See pictures from the 2012 walk on the right margin, and the photo gallery here)

2011 Walk a Huge Success!

The Sons of Italy team of 24 took on the challenge and everyone won!  Raising  $39,025 for Cancer Care Manitoba was a great part of the win.  But an important part was the brothers banding together for a cause, one that impacts each and every one of us.

Young and old(er), the SOI walkers persevered, and all finished the 20 km walk.  Many had sore muscles the next day, but none complained.

Check out the photo gallery of 2011 pictures.

2010 - A Great Start

In our first year of participation, Sons of Italy fielded a team of 16 members.  Through their hard work and fund raising efforts, we raised $27,015.05.

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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