Lupa Di Roma Student Award

The former Sons of Italy La Lupa Di Roma Lodge granted a $1,000 award annually to students entering post-secondary education or post graduate studies.  Unfortunately, this scholarship has been discontinued, but please check out the Sons and Daughters of Italy Legacy Award.

2021 Stefania Greco

Stefania Greco, a student from St Boniface Diocesan High School, is planning on attending the University of Winnipeg where she hopes to complete a Bachelor of Arts as part of the pre-law program, so she can enter the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba.

Throughout her high school years of grade 9 through 12, she was able to qualify for the Academic Honor Roll due to her hard work and dedication towards her studies and going above and beyond with her school work.

Her Italian heritage is a huge part of her identity and is something she is very proud of and is never afraid to express. She has grown up surrounded by the Italian culture, community, and traditions which has shaped her into the proud Italian she is today. 

Stefania is beyond grateful and honored that she was chosen for the Lupa Di Roma scholarship to help her pursue her passion of going into the study of Law. 

2020 Annika Zirino

Annika Zirino will be a 2021 graduate from St. Mary’s Academy. She loves to get involved, both inside her school and outside in the community. Her Italian culture drives her to succeed and work hard for her future. She will be furthering her studies in the sciences with the intention of becoming a pharmacist.

2019 - Payton Chan

Payton balances her academic life with work, family, and friends. Throughout high school, Payton worked with the student council to run school events and fundraisers. She has coached young pre-competitive gymnasts as a volunteer, as well as volunteered in the Heath Sciences Centre.

Payton is very grateful for this award and thanks the Sons and Daughters of Italy and the La Lupa Di Roma for helping her toward success.

2018 - Nina Anastasio

Nina Anastasio graduated from St. John’s Ravenscourt School in 2018 on the Governor’s Honour Role and is currently enrolled in the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. Her career goal is to be successful in the field of Pharmacy.

Nina has focused on incorporating volunteering and work while striving for academic success. Nina has spent the past five summers volunteering at CancerCare Manitoba and volunteered as a catechism teacher at Holy Rosary Church during the school year. She has balanced working at her family restaurant throughout the school year while also being a core member in various community service school events.

Nina believes that her Italian heritage has played a major role in her identity and has shaped her into the person she is today. She is thankful for her heritage and family core values which have encouraged her to be hardworking and successful.

Nina is extremely grateful to La Lupa di Roma and all of those who rewarded her with this scholarship and helped aid her future academic studies.

2016 - Alana Roberts

Alana Robert is in first year of her Juris Doctor degree at Osgoode Hall Law School, where upon graduation, she will pursue a career in Human Rights Law.  At law school, Alana won First Place in the Lerners Cup Mooting Competition at Osgoode Hall.  In addition, Alana is a Family Law Caseworker for the Community and Legal Aid Services Programme, and volunteers with Pro Bono Students Canada. 

This past Spring, Alana received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Studies and Economics from the University of Manitoba, graduating with First Class Honours.

Alana founded Justice For Women – a group that promotes the safety and inclusion of women at the University of Manitoba. She created Consent Culture Workshops, which educate student leaders about consent, and how to design student programming to mitigate the risks of sexual violence. She also designed a Safe Spaces and Safe Socials Policy which mandates this training for student leaders, and created a Self Care and Sexual Violence Resource Centre – which offers resources and support for students. Alana has also led campaigns to raise awareness of missing and murdered Indigenous women, and was a Research Assistant for a project on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. 

Alana is thankful for the Lupa Di Roma Lodge’s investment in young women, and for their support of her pursuit of legal studies.

2015 - Adriana Hoadley

Adriana Hoadley graduated from St. Mary's Academy in 2015 and is currently enrolled in the Faculty of Science at the University of Winnipeg. Her goal is to pursue a career in Medicine as a doctor.

Adriana has volunteered at Folklorama and has been an active dancer in the Splendore D'Italia Folk dance group since 2010. She has volunteered throughout the Italian community at various Church events and was part of the Sons of Italy Leonardo Da Vinci Youth Group.

"I would like to thank the Sons of Italy and La Lupa Di Roma for selecting me to receive this scholarship and helping me pursue my goals."

2014 - Adrianna Racano

I graduated from Glenlawn Collegiate Institute in June of 2014 with honors and I am currently enrolled in the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. My goal is to graduate with a degree in microbiology and then pursue a career in medicine as a surgeon.

In high school, I planned the first Wellness Week – full of workshops and classes that focused on increasing the overall health of my peers. I have always had a desire for learning, which is why I became involved in my schools peer tutoring program. Helping others to reach their academic goals was something I instantly became passionate about.  Throughout my life I have always been involved with swimming and now I am able to pass along my love of the sport by teaching others. My school teachers inspired me to reach my full potential as an author and I become a published author in my school’s literary arts journal.

I would like to thank the Lupa Di Roma for selecting me to receive their 2014 scholarship. I am extremely grateful and feel very honored to be the recipient. Their generosity will be remembered and valued as I continue on with all of my future academic endeavors.

2013 - Co-Winners, Alessandra & Rosie Baksina

Alessandra Baksina was on the honour roll at Glenlawn Collegiate for four years and is currently in the direct entry program at the University of Manitoba through the Asper’s School of Business – working toward a degree in business, majoring in both international business and marketing in the retail industry.

“Ali” has been a volunteer at the Sons of Italy Christmas Eve Feast for four years, helping to set-up gift bags and serving dessert. She has also volunteered at Folklorama and in 2008 was the youth ambassador for the Italian pavilion. She was also an active dancer in the Sons of Italy Splendore D’Italia Folk Dancers for 13 years, and received the group’s scholarship in 2013.

“I am extremely proud of my Italian background and would like to say thank-you to the Sons of Italy for this scholarship to help me to reach my future goals at University."

Rosie Baksina has been involved in the Italian community through volunteering at Folklorama, by dancing with the Sons of Italy Splendore D’Italia Folk Dancers and then in the Mercato when she wasn’t dancing anymore.  

She has been serving at the annual Sons of Italy Christmas Eve Feast since 2009 and was also a part of the Sons of Italy Leonardo Da Vinci Youth Group. To continue learning about my Italian heritage, she will be learning Italian in University. 

“I am sincerely grateful for the scholarship Sons of Italy has awarded me and I can’t wait to take on the work force as a successful business woman.”

2012 - Greg Cantafio

Greg Cantafio attended St. Paul’s High School for four years, graduating in 2012. He excelled academically and maintained a high work standard, achieving honour roll status each year.  Greg won the yearly student council spirit award twice. He was also chosen by his fellow students to become a member of the St. Paul’s Maroon & White Society, a select group of students who give their time to serve the needs of the school and the community at-large. Greg maintains a strong sense of community and is very much a family-oriented person. 

Athletics have been an important part of Greg’s development; playing soccer since a young age, he continues to play with a competitive men’s team in the Manitoba Major Soccer League. Greg played for the St. Paul’s Crusaders in varsity soccer, as well as varsity football, the latter leading to the Winnipeg High School Football League Championship in 2011.

Greg enjoys giving back to the community, and has taken part in many hours of volunteering at places such as the Immaculate Conception Drop-In Centre, as well as volunteering during the 2011 federal election. Greg attended Italian classes at the Dante Alighieri for 8 years, learning the language and the importance of maintaining one’s own culture. Currently, Greg is enrolled as a first year student in the University-1 program at the University of Manitoba. He is studying calculus, chemistry, psychology, and physics. Greg is interested in the Engineering program at the university, with a focus on mechanical or civil engineering. He aspires to a career in engineering, one where he can be self-sufficient while also giving back to his community.

2011 - Nicoletta Appleton

Nicoletta has numerous strengths and abilities. She is a very caring and kind individual who leads by example. She has made an enormous impact on the school community. Her involvement and contributions to Westwood high school performing arts program by assuming several lead roles has assisted in the growth and popularity of musical theatre.

Ms. Appleton, as evident by her actions, is looked upon as a “student champion” of social justice initiatives. In her four years at Westwood, whether in the role of student council member or as a young adult who simply believes in helping others, Nicoletta can be counted upon to offer assistance to those in need. Evidence of her compassion assumed many forms such as the United Way Youth Day of Caring, church volunteer, sandbagging, Fair Trade committee, student council, 30 hour famine, Winnipeg Harvest food drives, etc.

She is a young lady who demonstrates a clear understanding of the “Big Picture” and is to be commended for having the belief and passion for acting on what is right with regards to social justice.

2010 - Daniel Oberton

My name is Daniel Oberton.  I graduated from St. Paul's High School in June of 2010 with honours.  I'm presently in my first year at the University of Manitoba taking mostly Science courses. I hope to pursue a career in the medical field.

A major extra-curricular activity I've been involved in is chess.  I was St. Paul's High School's chess champion for four consecutive years.  I have won several provincial titles and have been part of the Manitoba provincial chess team.  I have also competed at the national level.

I have been involved in many community activities both inside and outside of the Italian community.  I have volunteered for several years at the Holy Rosary Church.  I helped when the church had social functions for the catechism classes and their families.  I have also volunteered at the Misericordia Hospital where I was a recreation supervisor for the residence of the hospital.

I would like to thank the Lupa Di Roma for presenting me with their scholarship. It was both an honour and privilege to receive this scholarship.

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