Traditions - Salsiccia

Learning the Traditions: Salsiccia

This was first in a series of workshops designed to allow for our older members to pass on details of some of the fine traditions that make Italian heritage so rich.  This workshop focused on making sausage.

Gennaro Pellagrino showed us the tricks and the "how to" of making traditional Italian sausage.  We started with 85 pounds of pork, already ground for us by De Lucas.  At the end of the evening, all members took a bag of 3 or 4 sausage links home.

We took a break for a fabulous dinner of pasta and meat sauce, salad and wine.  After the sausage workshop was complete, the learning continued with Italian card games.

Thank you to Gennaro Pellagrino for the instruction and prep, Joe Putaro for organization, and Holy Rosary for use of the hall.
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  • Joe was our MC for the evening
  • Our instructor, Gennaro Pellagrino, standing behind a lot of ground meat
  • Lino helps with the mixing
  • Gennaro adds the salt
  • Next: the paprika
  • Now for some heat, crushed red peppers
  • And finally, sweet red peppers
  • Wearing white is not recommended
  • Seems to be more spectators than helpers!
  • Mixing the ingredients in with the meat is a lot of work
  • Luigi is in up to his elbows
  • Gennaro: if it stays as a clump, it's mixed enough
  • Some of the meat is taken to the kitchen for cooking
  • Joe and Gennaro share a laugh
  • Claudio cooks a bit of meat for a taste test
  • Lino and Silvio play Briscola
  • Sausage making (and the jokes) begin
  • Serafino works to get the right pressure
  • Success!
  • Carmine working on tying the links
  • Everyone seems to be enjoying the "work"
  • Serafino carefully checks for leaks
  • Joe is all smiles
  • A long one!
  • Joe thinks the trough is bottom-less
  • Links are packaged for members to take home
  • Fr. Sam stops by to relax and tell a few stories
  • Joe thanks Gennaro for all his work
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