2019: Mayor Bowman Presents BIZ Award to SOI

The "Mayor's Award" is presented annually to those who have made significant contributions to their local Business Improvement Zone.  

"The Mayor and Members of the Winnipeg city Council are pleased and proud to recognize those who assist the Business Improvement Zones in contribution to the overall quality of life in our fair city."

The award is largely in recognition of the impact made by the 13 year run of SOI's Christmas Eve Feast.  This festive dinner, held annually on Christmas Eve in the West End at X-Cues Billiards & Cafe brings the spirit of Christmas to those in attendance -- 800 in 2018!  

Each of those received a beautiful Italian-style meal and listened to live music.  The children spent time with Santa and left with toys and a sled.  The adults each received a hamper filled with food, hygiene products and warm clothing.

Co-chair Reno Augellone emphasized that this event is made possible through the help of dozens of members of SOI and their children, people from the community and police officers.  For many of the volunteers, this is their Christmas.

This Mayor's Award needs to be shared with our event partners, said co-chair John Giavedoni.  Our partners have shows such strong dedication to this event and their financial and personal contributions have been huge.  Event partners are the West End BIZX-Cues Billiards & CafeSorrento's on Ellice and The North West Company (Valu Lots).

Many individuals and companies donate to this event each year.  In some years, we have had excess funds, and in those years, any surplus has been directed back into the West End area, including contributions to the Sargent Avenue Street Festival, Winnipeg Boys and Girls Club, Rossbrook House and Children's Hospital at HSC.

(L-R) Reno Augellone, Carman Zirino, John Giavedoni, Mayor Brian Bowman, Mario Posillipo and Travis Giavedoni.

On May 9, 2019, Mayor Bowman presented the award at a ceremony at the Metropolitan Event Centre.  

A special thanks goes out to Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner, the Executive Director of the West End Biz.  Gloria and her team have made a huge contribution to the Christmas Eve Feast.  After more than a decade as Executive Director, Gloria is taking a well-deserved retirement.  All the best to Gloria from everyone involved in the Christmas Eve Feast! 

Christmas Eve Feast impact over past 13 years:
o Fed 4,900 people 
o served 240 turkeys 
o countless meatballs! 
o 7,275 gifts to children 
o 48,500 lbs of food given in hampers

2017: Kateri Award Presented to SOI by Rossbrook House

Rossbrook House graciously presented the  Kateri award to the Order Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge in June, 2017.

Kateri was member of the Mohawk Iroquois nation; who, as a child, lost all of her family to illness.  In the face of such suffering, she became a strong and resilient woman. The Kateri Cup is awarded to individuals and groups who encourage and support the children and youth of Rossbrook House to recognize and develop their own sense of self, their strength and resilience.

Phil Chiappetta, co-Executive Director of Rossbrook House said the following in his award presentation.  "The Sons do remarkable philanthropic work throughout our City, especially in the areas of medical research, education and inner-city poverty food banks. The Sons are represented by two members who initiated and then faithfully coordinated the generosity of their brothers to support our alternative school programs' graduation dinner over the last 8 years.

For over a decade, Reno Augellone and John Giavedoni were looking for ways to assist the work of Rossbrook House. They would advocate for some of the proceeds from a Sons of Italy sponsored golf tournament here, or a fundraising event there, to support the children and youth coming to Rossbrook House. When we'd thank them they would always say, "What else can we do, just let us know."

The day came when a church group could no longer muster the energy and resources to cater our growing annual graduation dinner. We asked Reno and John and their response was immediate - "no problem, that's what we do best; provide food for a celebration and volunteers to serve." The food is fantastic and the service is 5-stars. Up to a dozen aproned Sons show up annually with trays of pasta and salad and very big serving smiles. They make the event memorable for many deserving youth and their proud families."

Phil Chiappetta (centre) presents the Kateri Award to Alex Baksina, a longtime volunteer for SOI at Rossbrook, and John Giavedoni, Co-Chair of the SOI Christmas Eve Feast and Co-Chair of SOI at Rossbrook Grad.

A big thank you to Rossbrook House -- they are a wonderful organization and we are proud to be able to help them help others!

2015: SOI Receives Outstanding Service Organization

AFP Manitoba presented Order Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge with an award for the Outstanding Service Organization for 2015.  The event took place at the beautiful Metropolitan Event Centre on November 13, 2015.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Manitoba Chapter presented awards at that luncheon to:
 Outstanding Philanthropist:  Doug Harvey
 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser  Ace Burpee
 Outstanding Philanthropic Organization  The Asper Foundation
 Outstanding Large Philanthropic Organization  McDonald Restaurants of Manitoba
 Outstanding Service Organization  Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge Inc.

It was a truly special day to be recognized with such a prestigious group, and we wish to thank the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Manitoba the the amazing honour.  

Below is a 2 minute video made by Cleave Films for the award ceremony.

It was admittedly a bit strange though; it is usually us presenting cheques, awards and scholarships -- very different to be on the receiving end. Thank you from all of our members who have worked so hard to raise funds, select deserving recipients and give away over a million dollars in our past 10 years.

A special thank you to our friends at St. Boniface Hospital Foundation for nominating us for this award. We have worked with them in the past and they are a wonderful group of very dedicated people!

The Metropolitan Event Centre was a great venue for this luncheon and awards ceremony.

President Franco Petrelli accepts the award on behalf of Order Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge 

Sons of Italy members in attendance receive generous applause. 

"Great Friend to Kids" Award to SOI

THE GREAT FRIEND TO KIDS AWARDSons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge was honoured to receive the “Great Friend to Kids Award” by the Manitoba Children’s Museum for our contributions to children
The award is issued to organizations that contribute significantly to children in MAL SIMMONS FLYING ON THE SHOULDERS OF JOE LEUZZIanitoba.  The Garibaldi lodge was acknowledged for it’s contributions to many children charities and causes including:  Winnipeg Harvest, Variety Club, Children’s Wish Foundation, Amadeus Steen Foundation, feeding many inner city kids at our own Christmas Eve Feast and funding to the Dante Alighierifor Italian Language studies.

Past recipients of this prestigious award include:  Rick Frost (CEO, The Winnipeg Foundation), Wanda Koop (Artist and Founder of Art City), Kevin Chief (MLA), Abdikheir Ahmed (for his work with the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba), Larry McIntosh and Rossbrook House,
The fun and exciting event took place Thursday October 3rd at the Children’s Museum at the Forks.  John and Bonnie Buhler were the special guests and key sponsors along with Boom Done Next.  Al Simmons put on a very entertaining show that was fun for the “kid” inside of us. 

Tat-Liang Fabio Cheam
 (SOI President) graciously accepted the award on behalf of all the brothers of the STAT-LIANG FABIO CHEAM RECEIVING AWARD FROM PEGGY LEUZZIons of Italy.   He acknowledged that our family includes our youth lodge (Leonardo Da Vinci) as well as our women’s lodge (La Lupa di Roma). 

La Lupa di Roma president Maria Minenna and the Sons of Italy brothers were there climbing the play structures.  In fact Lyle Misura was the first up the play house with Marnie Larkin and Joe Leuzzi applauding his abundant enthusiasm.  Danny DiVitoRena MolinariDino PetrelliJulieta PetrelliFranco’s mamaMario PosillipoMaria Minenna and Remo Aiello all posed for photos with hand drawn smiley faces and mustaches to “cheese” things up and get a few laughs.
There was also political representation at the event with Vic Toews and Gord Steeves making their rounds and trying their hands at some of the kids games.  Mario Posillipo looked sharp as usual and enjoyed some of the colourful martinis as he chatted up the room.
All in all it was a very fun, “out of the box” kind of event with our Sons of Italy being recognized for all the efforts the lodge has provided over the years to the children of our community.
Hats off to all our Sons of Italy brothers for giving to all people including our children, our future!

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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