Rossbrook House Graduation

What is Rossbrook House?

Rossbrook House is a drop in centre for children and youth in the inner city that offers a constant alternative to the destructive environment of the streets. In addition to a wide range of cultural, drop-in and leadership programs aimed at area youth, the centre offers an alternative school aimed at students who seem lost, withdrawn, or have become a non-attenders; those academically able but may have lower skills due to non-attendance; and those economically disadvantaged.  

Three alternative programs are run by Rossbrook House and the Winnipeg School Division:  

  • Wi Wabigoonian -  off-site elementary program for aboriginal students in Grades 3-6, 
  • Eagles’ Circle - a junior high program at Hugh John MacDonald Junior High, and 
  • Rising Sun - a high school program at Gordon Bell High School.

"Grad Italiano"

Each year, Rossbrook House holds a graduation ceremony and dinner for the students and their families. Sons and Daughters of Italy is proud to have sponsored and served the dinner since 2010.

Of course the Grads and award winners are the focus of the graduation as families fill the auditorium. After the formalities are over is on to dinner: pasta, caesar salad and garlic bread sticks!  The food is prepared by X-Cues on Sargent. 

Congrats to all the grads and award winners!  We have a great time serving the food, and from the smiles, the staff and students loved it!

Special thanks to the many SDOI members who have  volunteer their time over the many years.

SDOI volunteers at June 2024 Rossbrook House Graduation

SDOI Given Kateri Award for Support of Rossbrook House

The esteemed Kateri Award was presented to SDOI in 2017 for the many years of support at the annual graduation dinner, and for financial contributions resulting from our Christmas Eve Feast, and SDOI is proud to be supporting Rossbrook House to this day.

In making the presentation, Executive Director Phil Chiappetta said, "The food is fantastic and the service is 5-stars. Up to a dozen aproned Sons show up annually with trays of pasta and salad and very big serving smiles. They make the event memorable for many deserving youth and their proud families."

You can read the details of this award, here.

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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