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Christmas Eve Feast 2012 in Photos

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  • Adult gift bags were assembled and boxed by Valu Lots
  • The crew loads gifts onto a truck. I thought Santa did this!
  • Next: unload at X-Cues
  • Roasted turkey is transferred from Marlborough to Sorrento's on Ellice.
  • The night before, volunteers are busy at X-Cues: signs go up...
  • ... gift bags are prepared, and these are only the adult bags!
  • Dean and Carmine take a moment to pose.
  • Angelo readies the portable photo studio.
  • Cutlery and napkins are prepared.
  • Many SOI members on hand to help.
  • Gift bags are complete - time for a smile!
  • On Christmas Eve morning, the girls get ready to scoop ice cream.
  • Volunteers on hand just before we are ready to open the doors -- it take a lot of help to make this happen.
  • The food line is ready to serve turkey, meatballs, pasta, potatoes and vegetables.
  • Santa arrives, but takes a moment to make himself an espresso.
  • Our guests arrive and food is served.
  • Christmas music fills the air.
  • Guests fill their plates with a hearty meal.
  • Guest eat, unaware of the gifts that await them upon departure.
  • The photo studio, with 3 printers, is busy. Global TV is also on site.
  • Children visit with Mr and Mrs Clause, and are given a free print.
  • Santa does not move for over two hours!
  • Some children like to visit with Santa, some not so...
  • A lot of Christmas spirit around Santa.
  • Councillor Mike Pagtakhan visits and chats with Tony.
  • Santa attracts all ages including the mature...
  • ... and the not mature.
  • Children's gifts are piled high.
  • As guests leave, adults and children all get gifts.
  • Oops, not happy.
  • Reno, his son Adriano, and Dean.
  • Travis, Gloria, Tia and Franco.
  • More action with Santa. Wonder if his lap is getting tired yet?
  • We provided about 320 guests with a wonderful Christmas meal.
  • Mark and Trudy: "Would you like a bun with that meal?"
  • Mario and John discuss the event for CJOB.
  • Angelo taking the Santa pics with Claudio (background) printing them.
  • Santa is starting to hide behind the cute kids.
  • Rocco directs traffic.
  • The two Claus's were a big attraction for the kids.
  • These kids jumped on the knees even before they had time to take their jackets off.
  • These gift elves are even colour coordinated: Paul, Alex, Tony, Dino and Simon.
  • Gloria and John interviewed by Global TV.
  • In spite of making reservations, we often had a line up at the front door.
  • And always a bit of a line for the food.
  • Wayne, Franco and Bill take a break from the action.
  • Franca, Trudy and Krystal
  • Santa may be asleep with his eyes open, but Mrs Claus still looks great.
  • A young girl examines the Christmas stocking she received from Santa's elves.
  • Mrs Claus's cheeks are looking a bit rosier from the flash firing so many times.
  • A large group of children arrive from Rossbrook House.
  • It's all about seeing the smiles on the children's faces.
  • John and Carmine.
  • How does Santa remember all the children's names? Just wondering.
  • "Do I have time to tell Santa one more thing?"
  • This boy is getting a sled along with his gift bag and present.
  • Beautifully wrapped presents from the Wpg Police Assn.
  • They may be grey, but clearly the romance is not lost with Mr and Mrs Claus!
  • The 2012 Christmas Eve Feast committee: Franco, Sal, Joe, Rosy, Michele, Robert, John, Reno, Gloria and Dino.
  • And from the co-chairs John and Reno - thanks to those that gave of their time, dollars or product; it is because of the generosity that this event is possible. Merry Christmas!
Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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