Gala Dinner - Downloads

We have gathered together some of our Gala resources that are available for you to download.

Gala Order Form

You can purchase Gala tickets online, but if you need an order form to print, perhaps to get corporate approvals, you can download it here: Gala 2020 Order Form

Gala Sponsorship Brochure

This 4 page sponsorship package brochure (PDF, 1.9 MB) includes details of the Gala and clearly lays out the different levels of sponsorship opportunities and the many benefits associated with each.  click here to download.

Gala Dinner Program - Last Year

To view the 2019 dinner program, a full colour 72 page booklet from last year's gala, click here (12mb PDF).

Gala Dinner Program Advertising Specifications

If you are placing an ad in this year's 72 page dinner program, download the ad specs and give to the person/dept/agency who is creating your ad.

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