Rossbrook House Graduation Dinner - 2017

Each year, Rossbrook House holds a graduation ceremony and dinner for the students and their families. Sons of Italy is proud to have sponsored and served the dinner since 2010.

In partnership with Winnipeg School Division No. 1, Rossbrook House sponsors an elementary program, Wi Wabigooni, a junior high program, Eagles’ Circle and a high school program, Rising Sun.

Of course the Grads and award winners are the focus of the graduation as families fill the auditorium. After the formalities are over is on to dinner: pasta, caesar salad and garlic bread sticks!  The food is prepared by Sorrento's on Ellice. 

Congrats to all the grads and award winners!  We have a great time serving the food, and from the smiles, the staff and students loved it!

Special thanks to the SOI members who volunteer their time!  

40 Years in the Community

In 2016, Rossbrook House celebrates 40 years. The video on the right, by APTN, clearly shows how this wonderful organization has been serving the children of its community for all of these years.

Photo Galleries

Check out the photo galleries below for images from each year:

Photo Gallery - 2017

Photo Gallery - 2016

Photo Gallery - 2015

Photo Gallery - 2014
Photo Gallery - 2013
Photo Gallery - 2012
Photo Gallery - 2011
Photo Gallery - 2010

SOI volunteers:  Remo, Ron, Alex, Armando, John C., Tony, Reno, Angelo, John G. 

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